Orange Coast College: Focusing on education quality

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A former professor at the Orange Coast College donated $1 million for the construction of the new planetarium. With a target of $20 million to get the new facility, the professor made her donation with the belief that it was the right thing to do have developed a deep interest in the development of the school. According to Professor Mary McChesney, the school planetarium is a good development which will not only support the students, but it will also lend its services to the entire community. Currently, the Orange Coast College has received $2.6 million from donations to serve their purpose. Of this amount, $1 million came from the 93 years old former professor of the institution. Professor Mary McChesney is interested in purchasing a Foucault pendulum for the school which will be instrumental in the practical demonstration of how the earth rotates. The project will be one of its kind, and the equipment has to possess the latest technology for the benefits of the students and the society as a whole.


The services offered by Orange Coast College

Currently, the college has more than 135 different courses to be undertaken. All the courses that are offered by the college are accredited by the Western Association of Schools. The institution has the highest population in the student base. There are several community colleges, but the Orange Coast College produces the largest number of its students to the best universities in California. Considering the ranking system used in the case of Orange County, the college is ranked the first because of its offered services and the quality of education. One basis of ranking is the number of students that the Orange Community Colleges takes to California University and the California State University.


The foundation and operation of the Institution

Founded in 1947, the first class in the Orange Coast College was opened in 1948. The College focused on lower division degrees where after completion; the students can relocate to the major University like the California State University. The college focuses on both science and art. The quality of education is currently on the rise, and its popularity and preference have improved its operations.


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Dick and Betsy Family Foundation is Changing Lives

Betsy DeVos is considered to be one of the most influential women in the United States, and she is married into one of the wealthiest families in the country. Her Husband, Dick DeVos is also an influential figure who has accomplished a lot since in the recent past.


Just recently, Betsy was nominated for the prestigious position of secretary of education. However, before she could get confirmation to the position, the public wanted to know her philanthropic activities in the recent times. Betsy and her husband had to show the world how much they have been giving to various charity causes in the country. According to a report from the popular couple, the family has spent more than one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars in different causes through their foundation.


A report from the family has also indicated that the couple has successfully awarded grants amounting to more than twelve million dollars in the year 2015. This amount was higher, compared to the ten million issued in the previous year. The Dick and Betsey Family Foundation is currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the country.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation mostly focuses on issuing grants, especially on the educational causes. The couple says that the foundation awarded 26% of its total donations were given to education causes in the year 2015. This amount was very high compared to what the institution has been offering since it was established. The foundation has been supporting school vouchers in the recent times to help educate many young individuals. The family foundation has also played a fundamental role in the foundation of the popular Great Lakes Education Project. The advocacy institution has done quite well, and it has an active political action committee.


Richard DeVos is Dick’s father, and he is also the founder of Amway, one of the most successful companies in the United States. The family business has been doing very well, and it has given the family an upper hand in the financial system. Dick and his brothers have had an opportunity to work in the organization, and they have all taken it to greater heights.


When Dick DeVos was appointed to work as the president of the international company, the institution did very well, getting huge profits and sales. The global institution registered a huge growth, especially in the domestic and international activities. According to the company portfolio, Amway opened more branches in different countries. The money acquired from the company has helped many people acquire education. Most of the beneficiaries are individuals who come from low-income families. The Dick and Betsey Family Foundation wishes to make more changes in the lives of many young people in the future.


Livio Bisterzo An Italian With Smart Entrepreneur Skills

Livio Bisterzo is a famous Italian entrepreneur who has invested in the hospitality industry, co-owning Pollen St and Maddox Clun. He has also created consumer brands such as Little Miracles and Kyoki for Men and other lifestyle businesses. He resides in Los Angeles and is married with three kids.

Livio Bisterzo studied at London’s prestigious University where he persuaded a course in Arts. His venture in entrepreneurship has been successful because of his strong background in marketing. His first business was in events which he founded in 2003.

In 2011, Livio Bisterzo invested in Danish start-up company called Little Miracles which he later acquired it. Little Miracles deals with the organic blend of juice and tea. Thanks to Bisterzo’s desire to achieve, he led the company’s growth to FMCG SME in 2013, and they won several awards globally.

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In a mission to create innovative multi-channel drinks and food brands, he came up with Green Park Holding in 2015 which is an innovation company that deals with health and nutrition. The company’s goal is to build an organization that operates brands which prompt behavioral and culture change and also has a big social impact. His vision is to influence a positive change in the beverage and food industry. Green Park’s objective is to create, grow, and invest in different modern channels with “abettor for your food” brand.

Livio Bisterzo innovative ability has made Green Park to always come up with something new. In 2016, the company came up with its “HIPPEAS” as its first snack brand. HIPPEAS purposes to change the snack world. It has a strong powerful and emotional storyline that is an attraction to modern work of “one chickpea at a time”.

HIPPEAS Brand believes in giving back by partnering with Farm Africa whereby for every pack sold, they give back in support of farmers in eastern African, a move that helps to alleviate poverty.

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