Matt Badiali’s Contribution and Impact on the Mining Industry

     Matt Badiali currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the chief editor and also works for Real Wealth Strategist as the editor. He has many years of experience in the natural resource industry. At Real Wealth Strategist, he writes articles touching on investments in mining sector.

Education and Career

Matt attended Penn State University for a degree in the B.S. in Earth Sciences. He then proceeded to Florida Atlantic University for his Masters in Geology. He has worked at Duke University and the University of North Carolina as a tutor in geology.

Upon leaving his teaching job at the University of North Carolina, he started his long journey as a geologist in mining companies. His decision to leave his teaching job, not only got him an opportunity to make more money but also a chance to visit different parts of the world and meet prominent people. Besides, he got a chance to learn about investment.

His Journey as a Geologist

Badiali has over 20 years’ experience studying natural resources. Consequently, he has been recognized as a professional in mining, energy, and agriculture industries. Over the years, he has got an opportunity to do many other activities such as drilling rigs and exploring deserted mines among others.

Badiali’s experience has enabled him to visit countries in Asia such as Iraq, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He has also been to the Mexican desert and Papua New Guinea among others. He has also met with managers of major mining companies, resource investors, and metal professionals.

Badiali’s Articles on Investment

Badiali regularly writes articles on investment in the natural resource sector. In a recent article he wrote about buying gold, he is advising his readers to buy the mineral. He says the market price of gold could climb by even more than 500%. He argues the current market behavior is similar to a previous experienced that led to such an increase in the value of gold.

Badiali has also written an article on the current market value for aluminum. He observes that the metal is not as rare as zinc or copper. Countries such as Guinea, Australia, and Jamaica among others have large deposits of this mineral. He compares the current price of the metal and its price around 2015 and notes a significant change. The price of aluminum has increased by over 50% since then. He says the metal is this year’s surprise bull market.

Over the years, Badiali has attracted the attention of many people interested in the mining industry. Many companies consult him because of his knowledge. By writing articles, he shares more information with more people.