Highly Decorated Securus Technologies Develops Drone Detection System

Securus Technologies is a company that provides technology-based products to our countries law enforcement and emergency management providers to better keep us safe. They have a wide array of products that promote communication, information management, monitoring and many more services.


With the rise in the illegal activity with drones, Securus Technologies has developed a solution for drone detection within the American prison systems. Drones are now readily available to purchase by anybody and our prisons are finding evidence of drones being flown into prison yards to deliver a variety of different items to prisoners like drugs, weapons and cellphones. Since drone technology has hit the market, prices have dropped and the drones have become much easier for users to operate. With a quick purchase and a little practice, users are able to fly drones with precision from a very long range and it is not a shock that they are now being used for illegal activity.


To combat this, Securus Technologies has spent a year and a half developing a technology that can be used to detect drone activity. While little is known at this time about the newly developed technology, it utilizes a digital antennae structure to detect the drone activity. This technology is similar to that used in the companies wireless containment solutions that deter illegal cell phone use inside the prisons.


While still in the infancy of its development, Securus Technologies has partnered with experts in the law enforcement field to test the new technology. The testing so far has gone great on the drone detection front. The trials so far have revealed some strengths and weaknesses and the technology is continuing to be advanced by the company. Once fully developed, the drone detection technology will be able to curb any drone entry into a prison or other jail-type facility with contraband.


Securus Technologies operates in a tough business field while working with law enforcement, corrections professionals and government services. Their excellent customer service has earned them three prestigious 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The Stevie’s are recognized as the world’s top honors for businesses that engage in both sales and customer service. The team from Securus Technologies brought home a gold award for the Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. One of their customer service managers won a silver award for being the Customer Service Professional of the Year and the company also brought in a bronze award for the Front-Line Customer Service Team.


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