How Rocketship Education Instills Students with Good Habits for Learning

Periodically, educational institutions file for grants to help them provide students with a better and more diverse school curriculum. Not only do the schools make an effort to be awarded these grants, but many students increase their efforts as well. Students take an active role by helping to boost their grades and scores by working harder on their assignments. The students who participate in the Rocketship Education program are no exception. In fact, their teachers have been recognized as some of the most talented and caring people within the charter school system.

While most traditional schools try to encourage their students to become more motivated during the years grants are awarded, the students who attend the charter schools under the Rocketship Education network, have already been instilled with good habits for learning. Since part of this program’s focus is aimed at providing individualized assistance, students learn to set goals in order to structure their time and workload more wisely. This eliminates procrastination as well as poor attendance, which are factors board members consider when allocating grant money.

Students enrolled in the Rocketship Education charter schools receive a lot of support from their teachers. In fact, many teachers working within this network of schools believe so strongly in the process of the program, that they view their role as more of a privilege than a job. They can see the rewards of their efforts first hand when students have an increased desire to continue learning. Through the unique educational process offered at these charter schools, students have found the Rocketship program to be a stepping stone toward discovering new options for career choices.

The Rocketship Education program was founded on the belief that every child deserved the opportunity to tap into their full potential. Created as a means to bridge the educational gap that existed in public schools for children from low-income families, the team behind the program decided to take an innovative approach to education, which included getting families involved. These parents are encouraged to actively participate by assisting in the hiring process for teachers and by voicing their concerns for better schools within their communities.

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