There Are Two Types Of Betsy DeVos

Did you know that the Secretary of Education is a very complicated character? A lot of people only recognize her from her role in the Trump Administration, but she is a lot more complex than that. She does in fact have a job as the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, but it has been a long run up to get to the point where she is now.


She and her husband Dick DeVos worked hard in their Grand Rapids, Michigan hometown to create a city that they believed was better able to serve the people who live there. It is something that definitely makes a difference when you look at all that they accomplished over the years.


In those early days when her political influence was limited, Betsy DeVos made moves to resist the multi-sports complex that was proposed by the city. This was important because when the measure was ultimately defeated, DeVos felt for the first time the amount of power that she could personally have. She and her husband had worked so hard to defeat the measure, and then ended up successful. It was decided at this point that Betsy DeVos could have a lot more influence than just to work on some issues like the multi-sports complex.


DeVos pushed her way up the ladder to the point where she was the person nominated to be the Secretary of State for the Trump Administration. Her nomination was very controversial, and it led to a 50-50 vote in the United States Senate. This tie had to be broken by the Vice-President who voted in favor of the nomination of DeVos. It was the closest and most contentious votes in the history of the United States Senate. It was thus pretty closely watched by all of those who cared about the outcome of this particular vote.


Today, we all have Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education regardless of how we may feel about that fact. Surely there are some who are pleased with this development, but there are others who definitely wish that things had gone differently. All that we do know at this point is that DeVos is definitely going to push her agenda to get things changed through the Department of Education as quickly as possible. She going to continue to push and push for what she believes in until she is able to see the kind of results that she has been looking for.


We may not feel that we have seen a lot of this change at this point in time, but that is because she has done so much of the work behind the scenes. She has been highly effective at doing what she does though, and it has meant that she will likely continue to operate how she has up to this point.


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  1. Indeed the administration of Trump has brought more popularity to this family. There are many things to write about Dick Devos and the wife, she is another character with inspiring story of selfless help. I stumbled unto this great relationship articles and I have improved dearly concerning my relationship life. I think that somehow, Betsy DeVos has really done well for herself even as she inspire to do more. I never believed Betsy would win in the senate but I believe those who understood her wanted her to continue her good course.

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