Gareth Henry about New Exciting Trends in the World of Finance

Gareth Henry built himself a name in the world of finance, having held a number of executive roles for several large investment firms in the United States. At the University of Edinburgh in Scotland he studied actuarial mathematics, and earned a BSc with Dual Honors in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University.

His impressive resume includes his role as Director at Schroders, a position he left in 2007 when he moved to the United States and joined Fortress Investment Group as their Head of International Investor Relations. Gareth Henry worked at Fortress for a total of more than 8 years, also holding the role of Global Head of Investor Relations. He oversaw the marketing for the company in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Part of his responsibilities also included overseeing the pension and wealth funds that the company had, and the insurance relations that Fortress had with other countries.

After a long stint at Fortress, Gareth Henry left to work for 2 years at Angelo, Gordon & Co. as their Global Head of Investor Relations. Using the skills he gained while working for Fortress to assist the growth of the firm, his responsibility at Angelo, Gordon was related to the organization of the sales.

In an interview, Gareth Henry noted that he brings his ideas to life through passion and enthusiasm. He credits mentorship as a strategy which helped him grow business-wise. He declares to have elected approximately 20 mentors in different fields for whenever he needs advice. According to him, it takes a degree of humility in order to accept support and leadership, but he also believes that much of his success has come as a result of implementing winning formulas that other people created but in new ways.

When asked about current trends that excited him, Gareth Henry pointed out to alternatives and cryptocurrencies. In alternatives he is excited about the movement into direct deal as well as well as single asset investment in private equity. On the other hand, he notes that there have been a number of talented professionals from the field of alternative investment to have moved into the cryptocurrency space, which he notes is an exciting development as it legitimizes the revolutionary investment opportunity.


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