Chris Burch Dabbles in New Territory

According to investor and fashion aficionado, Chris Burch, worldwide consumerism is in the midst of a rapid change, as “the idea of (a) brand is going away.” Only a few years ago, Chris Burch, facing a tumultuous time as a result of his divorce from fashion designer, Tory Burch, was forced to close his fashion line, C. Wonder. Since that time, the climate within the fashion industry has changed dramatically, and while little had been heard regarding his latest venture, Burch Creative Capital, the renowned entrepreneur recently emerged with details regarding his current focus, as well as the status of his company, hit ( to learn more.

After his divorce from Tory Burch, which he admitted, caused a “massive breakdown,” Chris Burch proceeded to sell off the last 28 percent stake in their company and has since been very active in the investment world. Investing in companies with “special founders,” Chris Burch has dabbled in a variety of investments, including the swimwear company, “Solid and Striped,” as well as the fashion brand, “Staud,” and the fashion line, “ED,” which features Ellen Degeneres. He recently sat down to discuss the emergence of “copycat” brands and a number of ventures which he’s excited about.



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Some of my first Eagles Eye sweaters. Made in Scotland by hand. My first company.

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With digital marketing and brand influencing having such a significant role in product strategy and product development, Chris Burch foresees a rude awakening for companies that depend on these methods. While they’ve grown significantly in recent years, he believes that these means of marketing have, essentially, reached their peak. Outside of established brands, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes, brand loyalty has dissolved in the wake of overaggressive influencer and digital marketing. According to Mr. Burch, a major shift in consumerism is taking place, as consumers have begun shying away from tangible items, instead preferring lasting experiences.


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