Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner

Husain Sajwani is a United Emirate billionaire born in the year 1952 in Sharjah. Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC, which is a real estate development company based in the Middle East. In 2018, Husain Sajwani ranked fourth richest individual worldwide on Forbes 2018 ranking with an estimated net worth of $1.4billion.

Husain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Worthington. The individualstarted his career in 1981 as a contract manager working in a gas industry in Abu Dhabi where he worked in the department of finance. Two years later, Sajwani started a catering venture. Some of his customers were United State military and Bechtel. The venture changed its name to Global Logistic Services, which still operate up to date.

In 2002, Husain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties, which is one of the largest Property development company in the Middle East. The company managed to develop over 19,000 apartments since its establishment. It also has over 44,000 units under various stage of development. DAMAC Properties ranked in position one on Forbes 2017 ranking of the fastest growing company in the world.

DAMAC owner, Sajwani, invested $ 600 million in London, the United Kingdom in its Versace-branded Aykon London One tower in Nine Elms. Some of the well-known projects of DAMAC properties include Tiger woods’ designed and managed by trumps organization golf course; some of the most luxurious apartment with interiors designed by Italian Versace and Fend and luxurious villas styled by Bugatti.

In 2011, DAMAC owner launched hospitality division, which is now called DAMAC Hotel and Resort. The hospitality division provides excellent services to residents and tourists in more than 15,000 service hotel rooms and apartments. This development makes the organisation the largest hotel apartment operators and developers in the Middle East. The excellent and fast growth of DAMAC properties brought up an excellent reputation to DAMAC owner and ranks in the top 100 most influential Arab globally.

Who is Equities First Holdings?

You will find Equities First Holdings is a unique lending institution Are you having problems securing a conventional loan for your business or personal use through a traditional lending institution? Equities First lends by taking stock owned as collateral instead of verifying your credit score and then proceeding to attach liens on everything you own. Stock loans are not new to the business lending world, but their approach is different. You can trust Equities First will not sell your stock without notice which has been the practice of other stock secured lending companies. Your interest rates will be fixed at a favorable rate for the term of the loan and loan to value ratio is typically 50 to 75 percent of the stock used as collateral. This holding company based in Indianapolis, Indiana has been competing in the international market since opening its first offices abroad in London back in 2013.

Chris Burch Dabbles in New Territory

According to investor and fashion aficionado, Chris Burch, worldwide consumerism is in the midst of a rapid change, as “the idea of (a) brand is going away.” Only a few years ago, Chris Burch, facing a tumultuous time as a result of his divorce from fashion designer, Tory Burch, was forced to close his fashion line, C. Wonder. Since that time, the climate within the fashion industry has changed dramatically, and while little had been heard regarding his latest venture, Burch Creative Capital, the renowned entrepreneur recently emerged with details regarding his current focus, as well as the status of his company, hit ( to learn more.

After his divorce from Tory Burch, which he admitted, caused a “massive breakdown,” Chris Burch proceeded to sell off the last 28 percent stake in their company and has since been very active in the investment world. Investing in companies with “special founders,” Chris Burch has dabbled in a variety of investments, including the swimwear company, “Solid and Striped,” as well as the fashion brand, “Staud,” and the fashion line, “ED,” which features Ellen Degeneres. He recently sat down to discuss the emergence of “copycat” brands and a number of ventures which he’s excited about.



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Some of my first Eagles Eye sweaters. Made in Scotland by hand. My first company.

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With digital marketing and brand influencing having such a significant role in product strategy and product development, Chris Burch foresees a rude awakening for companies that depend on these methods. While they’ve grown significantly in recent years, he believes that these means of marketing have, essentially, reached their peak. Outside of established brands, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes, brand loyalty has dissolved in the wake of overaggressive influencer and digital marketing. According to Mr. Burch, a major shift in consumerism is taking place, as consumers have begun shying away from tangible items, instead preferring lasting experiences.


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GreenSky Modernizes the Loan Process

GreenSky has changed the way people view the entire loan process. Their technological savvy has put the procedure in the hands of the consumer. Anyone with a cell phone or mobile device can apply quickly and easily.


There is a direct connection that needs to be made between banks and borrowers. GreenSky is the middleman that brings these two entities together. They have developed a painless way to get money to the person fast.


The application process requires:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile phone or tablet
  • Internet access
  • Social Security number
  • Annual income amount
  • Photo ID

Once this information is received, they match the borrower with one of their bank partners.

Everyone Wins

Participating lending institutions, loan applicants, and merchants win in this scenario. Businesses who work with GreenSky often offer their patrons payment plans on merchandise and contracted work. This is advantageous for all parties involved. Companies are growing due to the support of this company.


David Zalik is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of GreenSky. He saw a need for a specialized financial technology company and took his idea to the next level. Mr. Zalik started this company in 2006 and has taken it to heights that many never thought possible. He has been in the business world since he was fourteen years old. David Zalik has since been a part of four successful businesses.


The future success of GreenSky is based upon innovative ideas and modern technology. The company began with mostly home improvement loans. They have since expanded to o many other avenues including healthcare, retail, E-Commerce, and personal loans.

Speed Counts

People have busy lives and need a loan process that is quick. The application process is so fast. The applicant often receives a response within a short amount of time. Gone are the days when people waited days and weeks to get approved.


Loans are a part of life and David Zalik is making it easier. Nearly everyone has a cell phone that can now act as a loan processor. The future is bright for GreenSky Credit.

Hussain Sajwani And Some Of His Pointers

Hussain Sajwani has a few pointers to give business people who want to be successful. One pointer is that one must constantly develop a fresh perspective. Constant efforts must be made in order to achieve this. Hussain Sajwani put in his fair share of efforts in order to develop the freshest perspective that he can, all of the time. One thing that he does is read books about history. History unlocks the key to what to do in the future because many of the things that are currently happening or will happen in the future have already happened in the past. If things did not specifically happen in the past, then more general things that happened along the same lines happened.

One of his favorite history books is one about the development that happened in Dubai over the previous 50 years. The DAMAC owner is so old that he doesn’t need a history book to show him what his city looked like so long ago. However, it is a interesting book to have around. Hussain Sajwani also takes an interest in current events and the state that the world is in. What really tickles his fancy is the fact that social media allows anyone to say what he or she wants. This is really a very big milestone in human civilization. Never before have people been able to anonymously voice their opinions over such large distances while not facing any consequences. It is without a doubt that social media has influenced DAMAC, the company’s image and real estate investor Hussain Sajwani.

Another pointer is that everyone in an organization should be given the chance to voice their suggestions and to rise up in the company. The DAMAC owner gives many hopefuls the chance of rising to higher echelons. This is something that more companies should do, but refuse to do. Nobody values their workers like Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani). Suggestion-making isn’t isolated to people in certain ranks or positions. The person with the most irrelevant job may have the greatest ideas.

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Organo Gold: Keeping Up With Coffee and Culture

Coffee has become a culture in itself. Organo Gold is a strong leader in this global market. The culture they promote is personal care with a natural products. Independent entrepreneurs distribute the gourmet goods. The founders of the company use their expertise in marketing and their knowledge to research quality products to help their team reach the highest levels of success. The global company offers an array of coffees that satisfy the diverse palettes of coffee lovers from deep-rich brews to flavored coffee drinks. They have not left out the tea-drinking crowd either.

Organo Gold expands company to reach the ever-changing group of coffee and tea fans.If you enjoy a medium-dark coffee, Black will be one of your favorites. This coffee bean is naturally infused with antioxidants. Antioxidants may assist the body in healing at the cellular level. Fruits, such as peaches and apples, also contain antioxidants. In addition, Ganoderma Lucidum, an immunity booster, enriches the full body roast. Black Organo Gold coffee is a blend of traditional morning flavors with natural supplements.As mentioned, there are so many varieties of coffees and  teas, and it is hard to highlight all of them. Gift packs contain plenty of samples.

Making the products readily available for people to try has been one of the company’s primary goals.The culture at Organo Gold speaks to sharing, supporting, and offering real value.The coffee gift pack includes Black plus King, Cafe Supreme, Latte, and Cafe Mocha, which is a chocolate treat.Coffee drinkers have changed the way coffee is consumed. It has to be more than just tasty and stimulating to the mind, but it must also add to the physical body. Organo Gold has kept up with the demanding tea and the coffee culture by infusing their roasts with beneficial antioxidants and organic immunity boosters.

A Review of Hibiscus Peach EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is a fairly new company. They have a unique design for their packaging. The lip balm is packaged in an egg-shaped container. The container was chosen for ease of finding your lip balm in the car or your purse. The EOS Lip Balms are made of nearly 100% natural ingredients.

Most if the EOS Lip Balm is in an egg-shaped container. This is a review of the Hibiscus Peach flavor EOS Crystal Lip Balm. The crystal lip balms are a little more pricey than the ordinary EOS Lip Balm. Also, the crystal lip balms do not come in the traditional EOS Lip Balm container. These lip balms are still easy to find while digging in your purse. The container for the crystal lip balms is triangular shaped.

The Hibiscus Peach Crystal lip balm by EOS is a clear lip balm. Users can literally see through the lip balm when they go to use it. The Hibiscus Peach is not made with wax. There are no artificial colorings or flavorings in the Hibiscus Peach flavor. This is one of the most natural lip balms in all of the EOS Lip Balm product line.

The scent of the Hibiscus Peach is like smelling a bunch of fresh peaches picked from the tree. This is one of the best things about Hibiscus Peach. Another excellent quality od Hibiscus Peach is the way it rolls on your lips. There is an instant feeling that your lips were moisturized. When users apply the Hibiscus Peach flavor to their lips they get a small taste of peaches.

In conclusion, this article discussed the Hibiscus Peach flavor of the EOS Lip Balm product line. This short review explained the excellent qualities of the Hibiscus Peach flavor lip balm. Users are certainly impressed by this flavor from EOS Lip Balm.

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OSI Group Continues Global Expansion Building A New Facility In Spain

What once was a small family-owned meat market is now one of the largest meat processing companies in the world. OSI Group, a food solutions provider headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, has over 60 locations in more than 15 locations. Their latest facility addition in Toledo, Spain was announced in the Premier Gazette on March 1st, 2018. The new building is estimated at 22,000 and more square feet with a lounge, storage area, production space, refrigerated room, and kitchen for product development. New hire positions were added to increase its workforce power and to improve security systems that protect the premises and employees.

OSI Group opened its newest facility, OSI Food Solutions Spain with an increased capacity production line that produces 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork. That’s more than a 50 percent increase compared their overall production of an estimated 20,000 tons in previous years at other plants. Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing Director said he’s seen a higher demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain over the past 10 years. In the past three years, growths increased to eight percent each year.

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The Toledo plant employs 160 employees with 20 new jobs including a development manager position responsible for developing and improving their line of products. Improvements comprise of surveillance systems and stricter perimeter accessibility. Indoor cameras are throughout the building to ensure protection and quality assurance. The mission of OSI Group is to continuously enhance environmental risk management and to reduce waste and energy consumption in all their facilities.

Sheldon Lavin, Chief Executive Officer oversees daily operations of the OSI Group based in the United States. He has been with the company for over 20 years and sits on the Board of Directors as Chairman. David McDonald, the President and Levine are responsible for leading the business to global expansion over the past 25 years. OSI is recognized as one of the largest meat processing companies in the world that produces processed sausage, chicken, dough, bacon, and meat patties. Beginning as a small market, the manufacturer is now serving thousands of fast food franchises and grocery establishments.


Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Formula

According to a January 2018 news article published by The Huffington Post, cleansing guru and wellness expert A.D. Dolphin, CEO and Founder of the natural health company, “”, states that “your body is like a car and needs a regular tune up”. With this statement, it is important to take care of the internal elements of your body; to do so, you must eradicate toxins and commit your mind, spirit AND body. His go-to body cleanse is known as the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse. The Full body cleanse has six components and a raw vegan diet that must be completed within twenty days.

The cleanse is aimed at cleaning your body of toxins, pollutants, and other dangerous agents that can come from all sorts of daily activities done in your daily life. The cleansing system targets your lungs, colon, liver, kidneys and bloodstream in addition to the rest of your body’s systems and organs. View the group’s profile on Linkedin

As a result of using the cleanse, your body turns out with a healthy pH level, a cleaner bloodstream and a supportive digestive system that naturally cleans out waste from the colon. The system has been called an “internal shower” because it cleans from the inside.

The cleanse costs $120 and also assists in weight loss. The capsules that come with the cleanse target each different part of your body. They include the blood and lymphatic, cardiovascular, liver and gallbladder, lungs and respiratory, kidneys, bladder and adrenals, colon and the digestive tract. These parts are treated with these herbal supplements that are 100% vegetarian capsules. As an end result, the supplements not only supplement your body physically but also ensure a positive change in thinking, a positive change in attitude, a positive change in diet, and a positive change in lifestyle are all that you need to begin the healing process with your mind and body. The full body cleanse is rated 5 stars out of 5. The company is based out of California and was founded in 2004.

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Sandy Chin the Founder of Tidal Bore Capital

Sandy Chin the Founder of Tidal Bore Capital

Sandy chin has more than two decades of experience when it comes to coverage of the consumer staples. To this end, she helped in the inception of the first consumer staples in the distinguished Tidal Bore Capital back in 2016. Sandy is confident that the staider stocks can have a significant impact when it comes to the ventures. However, her primary concern is that most of the aspects are overlooked. Sandy is therefore confident that this is the most common way of maximizing disconnects mainly between the top down and the bottom upward analysis.


Before she joined forces with the Tidal Bore Capitals, Sandy served as the portfolio manager at the Visium asset management. Similarly, she has served in other different capacities, which have helped her to develop her skills as well as furthering his professional career. For instance, she worked for more than five years at the Berman where he was working as the vice president as well as the senior analyst under her advisor.


Academic Backgrounds


Sandy is a holder of a master degree in business administration, which she acquired from the NYUs. Sandy also has a bachelor of arts in political sciences that was obtained from Columbia University. She studied Russian while she was still in college and she can speak French competently. She lives in New York where she runs a firm that she launched in partnership with her parent. Chin is also a great fan of games and sport and particularly the hockey. As such, she always find some quality time out of her busy schedule to take part in this game or at least watch it.


The establishment of the Tidal Bore Capital

Just like with any other entrepreneur Sandy faced various challenges when she was trying to set up his venture. Fortunately having worked under her mentor for more than ten years, Sandy was confident that she had more than what it takes to start and run his venture. Since she founded this firm, she has worked wholeheartedly towards the elevation of it to significant operations heights, and in all aspects, she has been successful.