How Rocketship Education Instills Students with Good Habits for Learning

Periodically, educational institutions file for grants to help them provide students with a better and more diverse school curriculum. Not only do the schools make an effort to be awarded these grants, but many students increase their efforts as well. Students take an active role by helping to boost their grades and scores by working harder on their assignments. The students who participate in the Rocketship Education program are no exception. In fact, their teachers have been recognized as some of the most talented and caring people within the charter school system.

While most traditional schools try to encourage their students to become more motivated during the years grants are awarded, the students who attend the charter schools under the Rocketship Education network, have already been instilled with good habits for learning. Since part of this program’s focus is aimed at providing individualized assistance, students learn to set goals in order to structure their time and workload more wisely. This eliminates procrastination as well as poor attendance, which are factors board members consider when allocating grant money.

Students enrolled in the Rocketship Education charter schools receive a lot of support from their teachers. In fact, many teachers working within this network of schools believe so strongly in the process of the program, that they view their role as more of a privilege than a job. They can see the rewards of their efforts first hand when students have an increased desire to continue learning. Through the unique educational process offered at these charter schools, students have found the Rocketship program to be a stepping stone toward discovering new options for career choices.

The Rocketship Education program was founded on the belief that every child deserved the opportunity to tap into their full potential. Created as a means to bridge the educational gap that existed in public schools for children from low-income families, the team behind the program decided to take an innovative approach to education, which included getting families involved. These parents are encouraged to actively participate by assisting in the hiring process for teachers and by voicing their concerns for better schools within their communities.

Betsy DeVos and Painstaking Efforts

Betsy DeVos is a name that has amazing recognition all throughout the United States. It’s a name that as of recent times actually has incredible recognition all throughout the enormous planet as well. The reason for that makes total sense. DeVos currently functions as the United States’ assiduous Secretary of Education. She was given that job by no one other than President Donald Trump. Although she’s only been the Secretary of Education for a certain span of time, she’s no newbie in the education world. People who have had any interest in the American educational system usually have a lot of knowledge that involves this distinguished Midwestern philanthropist.


People often can’t think about DeVos without also taking her husband into consideration. Dick DeVos is just as esteemed a philanthropist in the United States. He has a diverse set of interests and pastimes as well. He has been thinking in substantial detail about aviation for years. He confirms his devotion to airplanes and related subject matter in many ways regularly. He’s the businessman who put his time into the introduction of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The West Michigan Aviation Academy, true to its name, is all about the thrilling aviation universe. It’s in Grand Rapids and educates pupils who want to go after vocations that involve airplanes in some manner. It doesn’t only educate young people who live in and near Grand Rapids, either. There are actually a strong number of students who care so much about their aviation educations that they travel lengthy distances for commute purposes. There are even some particularly avid students who only reside alongside their parents on the weekends when they have the time to make their treks back. That only operates as confirmation of how much confidence they have in the greatness of the educational institution.


Betsy DeVos is a person who knows Holland, Michigan like the back of her hand. Although she’s undeniably proud of the location of her upbringing, she’s not the type of person to restrict herself to local matters. That’s one of the reasons she’s such a great United States representative. She has a zeal for educational matters that affect people in all sections of the huge nation. It doesn’t matter if a young student lives in Florida, in Michigan, in California or in New Hampshire. DeVos won’t be grinning until the pupil has the ability to enroll in a school that makes him or her feel 100 percent content.


DeVos genuinely adores the concept of school vouchers. She frequently and excitedly talks about the perks of these vouchers, too. School vouchers are simple for anyone to understand. These vouchers let students go to private schools through funding that’s public. DeVos was the Alliance for School Choice’s board chairwoman for some time. She also used to function as the leader of a political action committee that is called All Children Matter. Betsy and her husband established this committee in the early 2000s. It revolves heavily around educational vouchers and similar categories.


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