GreenSky Modernizes the Loan Process

GreenSky has changed the way people view the entire loan process. Their technological savvy has put the procedure in the hands of the consumer. Anyone with a cell phone or mobile device can apply quickly and easily.


There is a direct connection that needs to be made between banks and borrowers. GreenSky is the middleman that brings these two entities together. They have developed a painless way to get money to the person fast.


The application process requires:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile phone or tablet
  • Internet access
  • Social Security number
  • Annual income amount
  • Photo ID

Once this information is received, they match the borrower with one of their bank partners.

Everyone Wins

Participating lending institutions, loan applicants, and merchants win in this scenario. Businesses who work with GreenSky often offer their patrons payment plans on merchandise and contracted work. This is advantageous for all parties involved. Companies are growing due to the support of this company.


David Zalik is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of GreenSky. He saw a need for a specialized financial technology company and took his idea to the next level. Mr. Zalik started this company in 2006 and has taken it to heights that many never thought possible. He has been in the business world since he was fourteen years old. David Zalik has since been a part of four successful businesses.


The future success of GreenSky is based upon innovative ideas and modern technology. The company began with mostly home improvement loans. They have since expanded to o many other avenues including healthcare, retail, E-Commerce, and personal loans.

Speed Counts

People have busy lives and need a loan process that is quick. The application process is so fast. The applicant often receives a response within a short amount of time. Gone are the days when people waited days and weeks to get approved.


Loans are a part of life and David Zalik is making it easier. Nearly everyone has a cell phone that can now act as a loan processor. The future is bright for GreenSky Credit.

Stream Energy Shows Continued Community Involvement With New Foundation

Stream Energy has shown customers time and again that they are a progressive, forward thinking company. Anyone can work for Stream as an Independent Contractor, selling energy services, phone plans, security systems, and a virtual doctor service that brings a board certified doctor to someone’s home via their mobile device. But, the best service that Stream Energy and it’s staff offer is community involvement. Stream’s small army of Independent Contractors all volunteer their time to worthwhile charitable pursuits.

Recently, Stream Energy has created a place for everybody’s philanthropic interests to come together:Stream Cares. Stream has proven that all of the staff really do care. When 56 inches of rain hit Houston during Hurricane Harvey, Stream staff were among the first to mobilze charity efforts to help residents get back on their feet and lend a hand to rebuild local communities. Stream Cares has built long standing partnerships with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Stream Cares also works closely with the Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is a real concern in Dallas, Texas where Hope Supply Co. is based. The two organizations come together often to help Dallas children with clothing, diapers, and school supplies needed to be successful during their school year. Recently, this pairing paid for over 1000 children from the North Texas area to attend a waterpark over the summer. Many of Stream Energy’s staff were present as mentors.

Stream Cares also worked with Military Veterans through Operation Once In A Lifetime, offering transportation, a holiday meal, and a special shopping day for the Veterans’ daughters at the American Girl store. Stream Energy and Stream Cares strive to change the face of corporate America by showing how successful companies can be when they give back. To read more about Stream Cares, please click here.

Adam Milstein Calls Out The Media On Bias

A lot has been made about today’s press and whether or not it can be trusted, and perhaps more so because of the battles President Trump has had with it. But Israeli-American businessman, philanthropist and author Adam Milstein also has had a few things to say about bias in the press. Part of what he mentioned in a recent Jerusalem Post article was that misinformation was disseminated by the Washington Post and New York Times on the protests along Israel’s border when the embassy was moved to Jerusalem earlier this year. Furthermore, they failed to cover the radical antisemitic actions of Adolf Hitler which Milstein mentions could have saved lives in the Holocaust. He calls for more accountability in the media because readers can be greatly affected if there are even a few omissions or misrepresentation of facts.

Adam Milstein is probably most dedicated to building a strong Jewish-American community where Israeli-Americans have a strong voice and are in constant connection with people back in Israel. Milstein was born in Israel and still travels back there frequently. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1970s including fighting under Ariel Sharon in the Yom Kippur War. Milstein married Gila Elgrably in the years after, and he later moved his family to the US to complete graduate school and begin his professional career. He would eventually build a real estate investment firm along with his partners David Hager and Robert Neal known as Hager Pacific Properties. The firm has a large amount of assets under management in five-star commercial and residential properties located in California, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Adam Milstein made philanthropy and activism a huge part of his activities in 2000 when he and Gila began their foundation. A program that has been long running at the foundation is Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a beginner’s guide to Hebrew. Adam Milstein also founded the Israeli-American Council and became Chairman in 2007, and through this organization he’s built a platform for Jews all over the world to take part in various support Israel activities. Groups the IAC partners with have included AIPAC, StandWithUs, Hillel Mason, Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships.