Graeme Holm:Infinity Group Australia wins the AFR innovative award

Infinity Group Australia is a company that offers debt reduction and money management training in Australia. Australian Financial Review recently published a report that showed Infinity Group Australia to be one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity Group came out at number 58, in a list that comprised over 1,000 companies. This rank was also in recognition of the great work done by the founders of the company, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. They created the company in 2013, and in just five years, they have met the needs of many clients. The ability to deliver to their customers is the reason the company has grown tremendously. Infinity Group has a critical financial plan that will get Australians out of excessive debts.




Infinity Group Australia is now the leading company in the country in matters of debt reduction. This innovation award given by AFR is proof that they are doing an incredibly impressive job. It is rare for a company barely five years old to achieve such a rank. The AFR award is has been in existence for the past seven years, and it is one of those that businesses are looking forward to winning to raise their customers’ confidence in them. The list is made up of all companies from different industries. It is estimated that the AFR publication reaches out to over 1.8 million people in the region. The award now goes by the name 100 Most Innovative Companies after it was renamed from BRW Most Innovative Companies.




An independent panel does the process of selecting the winners. Each company that makes it to the top 100 must be thoroughly scrutinized, and there must be a reason why each company made it to the list. Infinity Group Australia was recognized because of the ability to address specific problems that face their clients. Other factors that were looked at during the scrutiny was the impact the company has on the community and how innovative the solutions they offer are. By appearing at number 58, Infinity Group Australia made to top companies in the region and one of the best out of over 1000 companies.




During this year’s ranking, the scrutiny was carried out by Inventum, a leading company in innovation consultation. Infinity Group Australia scored highly in the areas of strategy, innovation, use of resources and internal process. Graeme Holm, a founding member and a director of the company, released a statement expressing joy with the ranking. He exuded confidence that the company will continue serving their clients in the best way possible by availing solutions that meet their needs.




Inventium carries out its work with diligence to ensure that only the best companies make it to the list. Each of the companies which are raked receives a performance report from this organization, detailing the reason they ranked at a specific position. The report can be utilized by the businesses to improve their ranking and services delivery to the customers. Inventium offered companies a workshop to explain how the ranking process is carried out. Learn more:

Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia Maintain Focus On Client Needs

When Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia five years ago, he did so with the intent to provide necessary resources to Australians looking to improve their resources and secure better futures for themselves. From its inception, the customer-driven approach that Holm, as applied to the operation of Infinity Group Australia, has propelled the company to become a top money management and debt reduction service on the continent of Australia.


Graeme Holm recently took a moment to share his thoughts on a few topics.


Concept Behind Infinity Group


The conclusion was drawn by Graeme Holm following six months of research into issues regarding the mortgage market in Australia was that it lacked the necessary guidance and support that residents of the country needed.


Infinity Group Australia righted this wrong by providing clients with personal bankers to provide counseling and advice to facilitate the repayment of loans as quickly as possible. Infinity Group offers its clients detailed reviews and performance reports as well as aiding them to develop and maintain budgets that will allow them to be successful.


Client Benefits


Graeme Holm understood when undertaking the Infinity Group venture that most Australian citizens are living from paycheck to paycheck and can often only make minimum payments on mortgage loans. Holm likens the services that he and Infinity provide to ‘personal training’ for financial purposes and reminds that a trip to the gym accompanied by a personal trainer is usually more productive than without one.


The same rings true for clients of Infinity as the average repayment time for clients with 30-year mortgages is 7 to 10 years. Holm explains that this is a very real possibility for homeowners once the proper structure is in place to facilitate this goal.


A Typical Day


Graeme Holm is adamant about bringing the same level of productivity to his personal life that he has displayed in his business dealings. Holm begins his day by exercising both his mind and body and maintains a daily schedule that he breaks up into 30-minute increments to increase productivity.


While operating Infinity, Holm divides company tasks into two categories: Transactional and Transformational. Holm designates the transactional tasks to himself while tending to the transformational tasks that will change his business for the better himself.


Up Next


Graeme Holm is proud of the progress he has made with Infinity Group Austalia. In five years, the company has grown from a small outfit with just a couple of desks to now operating from five locations, with one of them being specifically geared towards sports and entertainment. Infinity has been the recipient of multiple industry awards and accolades.


Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia are looking forward to a future that provides them with the opportunity of supporting more Australian families as they reach for their financial goals. Learn more: