Krishen Iyer the Professional

Krishen Iyer founded the company Managed Benefits Service that is an insurance and marketing firm. His entrepreneur skills and experience led him to found the firm. He was brought up in Carlsbad, California in the United States where he studied at San Diego State University. He obtained his degree in Public Administration from the university. Krishen Iyer is very intrusive in a good way whereby he always seeks new methods to improve his business so that he may meet the demands and needs or his customers.


He familiarizes with his customers to keep them close at all times and maintain a good relationship with them. He spends almost half a day with the customers before he begins his day. This helps him to find solutions to his customers’ needs.

Krishen Iyer finds time to involve himself in some charitable works and humanitarian endeavors within his community. An example of charitable work he has been involved with it several time is the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Carlsbad, California.


He has previously been involved in aid efforts like Haiti following the earthquake that distressed the country and people across the world. In his free time, Krishen Iyer loves spending most of his time with the family members. His hobbies include playing tennis, chess and a great fan of soccer. He does his hobbies and attends soccer matches when free as well.


Krishen Iyer before founding Managed Benefit Service had founded MNP, which was also an insurance company based in Carlsbad, California. The company experienced a phenomenon development being included among the 5000 lists of Inc. in 2015. After founding MNP, he went ahead and formed the Managed Benefit Service, which was initially known as Quick Link Marketing. The firm works with customers to help them create leads to good businesses. It is an accredited insurance organization and marketing company.

A Spotlight on Krishen Iyer- a Successful Entrepreneur in California’s Business Industry

Krishen Iyer is a respected entrepreneur in California’s business industry. He is the intellect behind many successful Californian companies like Iyer Real Estate Holdings, Name My Premium Insurance and Managed Benefit Services. Most of his companies use innovative ways to meet or exceed their client’s needs.


Krishen Iyer Educational Background

Entrepreneur Iyer is a trained manager. He has an undergraduate degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University. He graduated in 2004 to chase his entrepreneurship dreams in California’s business industry.


Krishen Iyer Career Background

After graduating from San Diego University, Mr. Iyer founded Iyer Real Estate Holdings, a firm that served California’s real estate industry. A few years later, Mr. Iyer decided to diversify his scope into other sectors.

He founded MNP Insurance. The insurance firm worked with a team of insurance agents who specialized in consultancy, succession, assurance & accounting, valuation, and insolvency services. Under his management, MNP was featured in the Inc. 5000 list.

Later on, he founded Managed Benefit Services (MBS), one of the leading insurance and marketing firms in California. MBS works with a dedicated team of experts who specialize in online marketing, client interfacing, lead generation, and client relation services.


What Inspired Mr. Iyer to start Managed Benefit Services?

Mr. Iyer was launched MBS after discovering that most healthcare organizations lacked a unique approach to generate leads that they could use to market their services. He was motivated to establish a company that offered marketing services since he had the skills.


Krishen Iyer Philanthropy

Outside his business career, Krishen Iyer spends his time and resources helping the disadvantaged community. He supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps kids living with chronic illnesses. Apart from volunteering at Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mr. Iyer supports other charities that help the under-served citizens in Haiti.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Named President Of Bradesco

     One of the most influential banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco, is undergoing some serious renovations. These renovations do not have anything to do with the bank establishments, but they have to do with the bank leadership. Lazaro De Mello Brandao is giving up his position as the president of the bank.

Lazaro De Mello Brandao served as president of Bradesco Bank for over 30 years. Lazaro committed his entire life to bettering the banking world in Brazil. During his time as president of the bank, Lazaro Brandao was able to build almost a dozen Bradesco locations, and he also helped bring over 5,000 jobs to Brazil.

Lazaro De Mello Brandao is leaving his position for personal and business reasons. In regard to the personal reasons, Lazaro Brandao wants to devote more of his time to his family. Lazaro will soon be celebrating his 92nd birthday, so he does not know how much more time he has on this earth. Lazaro has made it clear that the rest of his time on earth will be spent with his family and doing fun things with them. Concerning the business reasons, Lazaro Brandao is convinced Bradesco Bank and the local community will benefit from having a younger president. Lazaro realized this several months ago when he had a meeting with the technology department. The technology department displayed to Lazaro new technology that would take Bradesco Bank to new heights. Sadly, Lazaro knows nothing about new technology, and he likes things the old-fashioned way. That is why he believes a younger president is needed.

The individual taking Brandao’s place is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. For many people, the selection of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is not a surprise. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Lazaro Brandao have been friends for over 15 years. Lazaro Brandao hired Luiz when Luiz was just a teenager. Luiz volunteered at Bradesco Bank for almost two years before officially being hired. Luiz did not know how much he loved working with finances and helping the public until he obtained a job at Bradesco Bank.

After four years of pure success as an employee of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named manager of the marketing department. Luiz Cappi introduced the bank to direct-response advertising and new technology that made marketing easier and more effective. After only two years as manager of the marketing department, Bradesco Bank became the most successful bank in Brazil.

Before being named the president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was vice president for approximately eight years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is now both president and vice president of Bradesco Bank. A new vice president is expected to be named before the summer. In a recent interview, Luiz Cappi told the press that he is confident a new vice president will be named at the yearly Shareholders Conference. This conference will be held in about eight weeks, and Luiz Cappi is planning to announce his five-year plan at the conference. Luiz believes great things are on the horizon for Bradesco Bank, and he is planning to create more jobs, too.

Seeá-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm for more.

The American Institute Of Architects Recognizes Local Architects

     The American Institute Of Architects was proud to announce leading architects around the state of Georgia for excellence in their field. They nominated architects across the state for top residential property and the signature work behind their designs. Their annual Build Something Great Awards had over 200+ attendees. Architect graduate, Sonia Miller was a keynote speaker at the event. Miller is the current Project Manager for NASA. During the event, there were over 5 top design structures being recognized including single-family homes and sprawling urban Georgia communities. Their beautiful design ideas have been acknowledged by many top architecture magazines.

Who Is The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects believes the value of each design should never be assigned. They’re a well known professional organization for architects nationwide. CEO, Robert Ivy, works alongside top architects including Julia Morgan, Irving Morrow, and Frank Wright. AIA is committed to the safety, health, and growth of America. Their headquarters are in Washington, DC and they have been proudly established since 1857. They lend their expertise to a number of serious entry level and professional architects to bring about their best work. Hundreds of architects aspire to become a part of the professional AIA network.

AIA is currently over 90,000+ members strong. The 13 architects behind their creation was lead to help architects with the resources to perform their best. Their goal is equity, diversion, and inclusion on all levels of architecture. They ensure their members adhere to the highest level of ethics. Don’t miss out on having a professional team to back you in all of your design ideas. Achieve your mission through top resources and the leaders of design. AIA offers many unique employment opportunities listed directly on their website. The America Institute of Architects belringa out the best in many communities while retaining your familiar landmarks with the design ideas of a professional with each project. Ivy says, they will continue to commit to establishing a great platform for budding architects. Their interactive AIA has a list of details of their products and architectural services.

Matt Badiali’s Contribution and Impact on the Mining Industry

     Matt Badiali currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the chief editor and also works for Real Wealth Strategist as the editor. He has many years of experience in the natural resource industry. At Real Wealth Strategist, he writes articles touching on investments in mining sector.

Education and Career

Matt attended Penn State University for a degree in the B.S. in Earth Sciences. He then proceeded to Florida Atlantic University for his Masters in Geology. He has worked at Duke University and the University of North Carolina as a tutor in geology.

Upon leaving his teaching job at the University of North Carolina, he started his long journey as a geologist in mining companies. His decision to leave his teaching job, not only got him an opportunity to make more money but also a chance to visit different parts of the world and meet prominent people. Besides, he got a chance to learn about investment.

His Journey as a Geologist

Badiali has over 20 years’ experience studying natural resources. Consequently, he has been recognized as a professional in mining, energy, and agriculture industries. Over the years, he has got an opportunity to do many other activities such as drilling rigs and exploring deserted mines among others.

Badiali’s experience has enabled him to visit countries in Asia such as Iraq, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He has also been to the Mexican desert and Papua New Guinea among others. He has also met with managers of major mining companies, resource investors, and metal professionals.

Badiali’s Articles on Investment

Badiali regularly writes articles on investment in the natural resource sector. In a recent article he wrote about buying gold, he is advising his readers to buy the mineral. He says the market price of gold could climb by even more than 500%. He argues the current market behavior is similar to a previous experienced that led to such an increase in the value of gold.

Badiali has also written an article on the current market value for aluminum. He observes that the metal is not as rare as zinc or copper. Countries such as Guinea, Australia, and Jamaica among others have large deposits of this mineral. He compares the current price of the metal and its price around 2015 and notes a significant change. The price of aluminum has increased by over 50% since then. He says the metal is this year’s surprise bull market.

Over the years, Badiali has attracted the attention of many people interested in the mining industry. Many companies consult him because of his knowledge. By writing articles, he shares more information with more people.

Alexandre Gama Leading Advertising Professional in Brazil

     Neogama is a leading advertising firm in the Brazilian Advertising scene that is being headed by someone who is considered a veteran in the marketing and advertising fraternity of Brazil, Alexandre Gama. He founded Neogama with the aim to provide high-end and innovative marketing, advertising, and branding services to the corporate sector of the country. It was established in the year 1999 by Alexandre Gama, and the company has grown manifolds since its inception. Other than providing a broad range of advertising services to the national companies, there are many international accounts handled by Neogama as well.

With over twenty years of experience in the advertising industry, Alexandre Gama has indeed found admirers in the industry. Over the years, he has worked for many of the multi-national corporations and has won more than twenty awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Alexandre Gama has also won the prestigious Cabore Award of Entrepreneur and was named by the popular newspaper in Brazil, Meio, and Mesagem, as the top influencer in the marketing and communications sector.

Alexandre Gama has worked with many of the leading advertising firms during his initial years, such as DM9 and Standard Ogilvy. Working with some of the leading advertising firms helped him stay motivated and gather knowledge about the industry firsthand. He has studied marketing from one of the top educational institutions in Brazil, Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. Under the leadership of Alexandre Gama, Neogama has been growing steadily over the years and is known for its out-of-the-box and unique marketing and advertising solutions.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Role in the Success of Grupo Televisa

Top Media Companies in Mexico

The media has always played a crucial role in the development of any society. In the recent years, we have witnessed the growth of media companies in countries like Mexico. Several media companies have emerged in the Mexican television. This has been good news for Mexico which for a long time had its media industry regulated by the government. However, in 2002, the first freedom of information bill was passed and signed by the ruling president at the time, who was president Fox.

Since the signing of the freedom bill, there has been a healthy competition in the Mexican media industry. Some of the big names in the Media include; America Movil, FEMSA, Grupo Mexico, El Puerto de Liverpool, Grupo Televisa, GFNorte, Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Inbursa, Arca Continental and Grupo Carso. Grupo Televisa which is run by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the largest media company in Latin America.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is most recognized for his role as the Director and Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa. He studied in the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, where he attained his law degree. Mr. Noriega joined Televisa in 1997. He became the chairman of the group’s finance committee in 2009.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega once worked in White & Case LLP in New York. He, later on, became a co-founder of Mijares, which is a law firm in Mexico. He has worked with the American School Foundation and also as an Independent Director at Grupo Modelo, S.A.B. de C.V. He started working with Televisa as the attorney of Emilio Azcàrraga who is the CEO of Grupo Televisa. He is credited with the tremendous growth in Grupo Televisa. He has held his position as the Executive Vice President of Grupo Televisa since 2000.

He is also involved in Philanthropy work. This is evidenced by his involvement with several foundations. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kardias A.C. His level of commitment to his work continues to make Grupo Televisa into the icon it is today.

Karl Heideck Litigation in Philadelphia

     If you need the help of a litigation attorney that can serve you, Karl Heideck is the person that you will want to get in touch with. Before you pick up the phone and call him for services, you should first and foremost learn more about litigators as a whole and learn what they do for clients.

What does a litigator do?

Litigators are the attorneys who take cases to trial. They do this either as mouthpieces who skillfully navigate the trial on the day of the case, or the support system that handles preliminary research, discovery, legal research, negotiation and other issues. All of these matters are very important when it comes to getting a case to court, so you will need to hire a litigation attorney who is the cream of the crop.

When hiring a lawyer, you should always see where they went to school. Litigators are required to obtain a degree from an accredited law school, in addition to passing the state bar.

To make sure that you are hiring a great litigator, you need to consider their credentials. In this regard, Karl Heideck has some of the best credentials that you will find from any Philadelphia litigators.

Read below to find out why:

Benefit #1: Karl Heideck is educated and skilled

You will be able to enjoy the fact that Karl Heideck is well prepared and able to help you with any case. This is the case because he was thorough during law school at Temple University, and this education propelled him to navigate a series of different legal matters. He is an honor graduate, which speaks to his overall work ethic and intelligence.

Benefit #2: Karl Heideck has been practicing for 10 years and has diverse experience

There is a lot of value in hiring litigators who have been in business for a long time. The fact that Karl Heideck has more than a decade of experience illustrates the trust he has built in Philadelphia and the wealth of experience he has.

Benefit #3: Karl Heideck is professional and thorough

Finally, you will always get nothing but the best service from Karl Heideck. Whether you need him for risk management or legal compliance, he is able to serve your legal needs.

Contact Karl Heideck if you require litigation services in Philadelphia.

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