Doe Deere Is A Great Role Model For Young Entrpreneurs

There is no denying that Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of a popular and successful cosmetic company that reaches to an entirely new audience compared to other cosmetic brands. Doe Deere being born in Russia came over to the united states when she was 17 years old. Along with being the owner, founder, and CEO of her very own cosmetic company Doe Deere dreamed of being a musician when she was a little girl and could accomplish her dreams by being able to do so when she was 17 and moved to New York City. When she was just the age of 13 and still lived in Russia she had a business and sold temporary tattoos which were a novelty item at the time. Doe lived in New York city from 1998 until the year 2012. After living in New York city, she lived in Manhattan and after lived 9 years in Brooklyn. When Doe was 17 and she was a musician she was in a band. During that time of being in a band Deere met her soulmate/husband who is not only her biggest supporter but also her partner in crime due to the fact that they work very well together. Learn more:


Doe Deere’s advice to young women who are full of ambition is to follow their heart because she believes that every person has something unique and special about them. Doe believes when people tune in with their skills and unique talent they can reach their potential much easier and faster. People who do things or pursue jobs that don’t show their talent end up usually hating their jobs. Doe created lime crime originally for herself because she loved bright colored makeup but no companies made and sold bright colored makeup back in 2008 so she decided to make her own. After creating a product, she realized that there is a need for colorful makeup as a whole for everyone who is into cosmetics and wants to show their personality through their makeup. Due to other women being interested in Doe Deere’s makeup she decided that it would be a profitable company and that’s when Lime Crime was born. Deere says makeup gives her the ability to be herself and hopes it does the same thing for her customers. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s products reflect upon the way she does her hair and her makeup. Sense the beginning Deere has been known for her brightly colored hair. Lime Crime is not just any cosmetic company but they sell everything from colorful bright hair dyes called unicorn hair to makeup brushes to provide customers with an easy way to apply Lime Crime Hi-Lite palettes to them. If you are interested in becoming a successful woman entrepreneur take Doe Deere’s experience as a positive role model of how to succeed because she knows what she is doing when it comes to her cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime not only has highly pigmented colors but it is also vegan and cruelty-free makeup.