Graeme Holm:Infinity Group Australia wins the AFR innovative award

Infinity Group Australia is a company that offers debt reduction and money management training in Australia. Australian Financial Review recently published a report that showed Infinity Group Australia to be one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity Group came out at number 58, in a list that comprised over 1,000 companies. This rank was also in recognition of the great work done by the founders of the company, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. They created the company in 2013, and in just five years, they have met the needs of many clients. The ability to deliver to their customers is the reason the company has grown tremendously. Infinity Group has a critical financial plan that will get Australians out of excessive debts.




Infinity Group Australia is now the leading company in the country in matters of debt reduction. This innovation award given by AFR is proof that they are doing an incredibly impressive job. It is rare for a company barely five years old to achieve such a rank. The AFR award is has been in existence for the past seven years, and it is one of those that businesses are looking forward to winning to raise their customers’ confidence in them. The list is made up of all companies from different industries. It is estimated that the AFR publication reaches out to over 1.8 million people in the region. The award now goes by the name 100 Most Innovative Companies after it was renamed from BRW Most Innovative Companies.




An independent panel does the process of selecting the winners. Each company that makes it to the top 100 must be thoroughly scrutinized, and there must be a reason why each company made it to the list. Infinity Group Australia was recognized because of the ability to address specific problems that face their clients. Other factors that were looked at during the scrutiny was the impact the company has on the community and how innovative the solutions they offer are. By appearing at number 58, Infinity Group Australia made to top companies in the region and one of the best out of over 1000 companies.




During this year’s ranking, the scrutiny was carried out by Inventum, a leading company in innovation consultation. Infinity Group Australia scored highly in the areas of strategy, innovation, use of resources and internal process. Graeme Holm, a founding member and a director of the company, released a statement expressing joy with the ranking. He exuded confidence that the company will continue serving their clients in the best way possible by availing solutions that meet their needs.




Inventium carries out its work with diligence to ensure that only the best companies make it to the list. Each of the companies which are raked receives a performance report from this organization, detailing the reason they ranked at a specific position. The report can be utilized by the businesses to improve their ranking and services delivery to the customers. Inventium offered companies a workshop to explain how the ranking process is carried out. Learn more:


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Paul Mampilly’s Opinions Regarding Robot Technology in the Investment Industry

Paul Mampilly exudes confidence as he explains the revolution that the technology of robots has brought to the investment industry and every sector of the economy in general. For instance, he highlights the convenience that the thermostats that people use to cool their homes to maintain comfortable temperatures, which is a form of robot technology. The customer service sector has also invested in the robot tech to enhance the efficiency of serving the customers even at the hours when there could be no human service available. In our homes still, Paul Mampilly indicates that the parents are using robots to explain and demonstrate to their children the impact of technology on the everyday practices in the industry.

The same way that all the other sectors have adopted the robot tech, the investment management industry is on the verge of adopting the technology. Any organization that is determined and focused on coping with the technological advancements in the industry and the competition that comes with the adoption of technology must be ready to move with the pace and adopt this fascinating tech. In his recent submission on Twitter, Paul Mampilly predicts that the industry will have been flooded with more than 1.7 million robots by the year 2020.

As a reputable editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has been very instrumental and aggressive at ensuring that the organization adopts the technology within the shortest period possible. He highlights that the only organizations that will survive the competition in the investment industry in the few coming years are those that will have adopted the robot technology in their operations. Paul is also categorical that to achieve the organizational profit targets; investment management firms ought to embrace the technology as early as now. That will be the only way that they can withstand the adverse forces in the investment market. Paul Mampilly has got his primary role as the senior editor in Banyan to prepare investment analysis for the ordinary Americans who cannot afford to hire investment experts to manage their funds. With the help of the investment advice that he publishes for his clients, they can now make sound decisions to grow their wealth.

Through TalkSpace, Michael Phelps Shares His Story Of Depression

Talkspace is a text therapy app that is being used by people across the United States. They partnered with former Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps who shared his story of depression and seeking treatment in a series of ads that started during Depression Awareness Month which is May. He said that despite winning 28 Olympic medals and accomplishing everything he set out to do he experienced massive depression. Like many people, he struggled with this internally and didn’t share it with others.

He said that at one point he spent five days in his room alone. He didn’t know if he wanted to live or not and finally realized that he couldn’t tackle his depression on his own. He decided to start seeing a therapist and he credits that decision for saving his life. He wants people to know that they don’t need to let it get that bad and to instead reach out to a licensed therapist who will support them. He said that they should also talk about their depression with family, friends, and teammates because someone with depression needs all the help they can get.

TalkSpace is an alternative to conventional talk therapy. It is convenient because the app can be accessed at any time, morning or night. It’s also affordable and confidential. In addition to sending texts to a licensed therapist, a user can also send video, audio, and pictures. More than one million people across the United States have now used the TalkSpace app which can be used on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Oren Hatch is one of the co-founders of New York City-based TalkSpace. He is also the chief executive officer. Along with a business partner he established this company in 2012. He says that the people who have used the app have done so to address issues in their lives including family matters, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. His goal is to make talk therapy much more accessible than it has been in the past. He also wants to be part of getting rid of the stigma that mental illness presently has.

Stream Energy Shows Continued Community Involvement With New Foundation

Stream Energy has shown customers time and again that they are a progressive, forward thinking company. Anyone can work for Stream as an Independent Contractor, selling energy services, phone plans, security systems, and a virtual doctor service that brings a board certified doctor to someone’s home via their mobile device. But, the best service that Stream Energy and it’s staff offer is community involvement. Stream’s small army of Independent Contractors all volunteer their time to worthwhile charitable pursuits.

Recently, Stream Energy has created a place for everybody’s philanthropic interests to come together:Stream Cares. Stream has proven that all of the staff really do care. When 56 inches of rain hit Houston during Hurricane Harvey, Stream staff were among the first to mobilze charity efforts to help residents get back on their feet and lend a hand to rebuild local communities. Stream Cares has built long standing partnerships with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Stream Cares also works closely with the Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is a real concern in Dallas, Texas where Hope Supply Co. is based. The two organizations come together often to help Dallas children with clothing, diapers, and school supplies needed to be successful during their school year. Recently, this pairing paid for over 1000 children from the North Texas area to attend a waterpark over the summer. Many of Stream Energy’s staff were present as mentors.

Stream Cares also worked with Military Veterans through Operation Once In A Lifetime, offering transportation, a holiday meal, and a special shopping day for the Veterans’ daughters at the American Girl store. Stream Energy and Stream Cares strive to change the face of corporate America by showing how successful companies can be when they give back. To read more about Stream Cares, please click here.

Adam Milstein Calls Out The Media On Bias

A lot has been made about today’s press and whether or not it can be trusted, and perhaps more so because of the battles President Trump has had with it. But Israeli-American businessman, philanthropist and author Adam Milstein also has had a few things to say about bias in the press. Part of what he mentioned in a recent Jerusalem Post article was that misinformation was disseminated by the Washington Post and New York Times on the protests along Israel’s border when the embassy was moved to Jerusalem earlier this year. Furthermore, they failed to cover the radical antisemitic actions of Adolf Hitler which Milstein mentions could have saved lives in the Holocaust. He calls for more accountability in the media because readers can be greatly affected if there are even a few omissions or misrepresentation of facts.

Adam Milstein is probably most dedicated to building a strong Jewish-American community where Israeli-Americans have a strong voice and are in constant connection with people back in Israel. Milstein was born in Israel and still travels back there frequently. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1970s including fighting under Ariel Sharon in the Yom Kippur War. Milstein married Gila Elgrably in the years after, and he later moved his family to the US to complete graduate school and begin his professional career. He would eventually build a real estate investment firm along with his partners David Hager and Robert Neal known as Hager Pacific Properties. The firm has a large amount of assets under management in five-star commercial and residential properties located in California, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Adam Milstein made philanthropy and activism a huge part of his activities in 2000 when he and Gila began their foundation. A program that has been long running at the foundation is Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a beginner’s guide to Hebrew. Adam Milstein also founded the Israeli-American Council and became Chairman in 2007, and through this organization he’s built a platform for Jews all over the world to take part in various support Israel activities. Groups the IAC partners with have included AIPAC, StandWithUs, Hillel Mason, Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships.

A Presidential Pardon May Save Joe Arpaio after causing Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s Wrongful Arrest

Most presidential pardons in the United States usually face controversies from different people, and when president Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, the situation wasn’t any different. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio was the harshest known Sheriff in Maricopa County in Arizona and was charged for his atrocious acts against Latinos. For more than ten years he has been accused of malpractices and corruption, but he always got away with it.

However, when two media personalities, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were wrongfully imprisoned following Arpaio’s directives, Arpaio’s heinous acts got more exposed to the public.

How it started

Larkin and Lacey were hauled from their homes in Arizona after Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents to arrest them for disclosing information about a grand-jury investigation.

The two were part of Village Voice Media newspaper and had published an article on the grand jury which was investigating them without their knowledge. The Sheriff was disappointed by their ongoing publications covering his antagonistic law enforcement strategies.

Since Arpaio started working as Sheriff, multiple cases have been filed against his department. However, most of these accusations were solved behind closed doors until 2011 when the lawsuits rose to the surface.

The case file exposed the doings of the Sheriff, and he was charged with violation of immigrants’ rights especially the Latinos. Despite facing all these allegations, Arpaio continued with his work in the office until the increased outcry from the public probed reporters to start paying more attention to the accusations.

This was when Larkin and Lacey started to publicize Arpaio’s notorious acts leading to their wrongful arrest and imprisonment. They were later released after 24 days, and they filed a case against the Sheriff which was settled for 3.7 million. Larkin and Lacey decided to use the settlement money to fund movements that fight the violation of rights against immigrants.

The presidential pardon

After the settlement in the court, the Sheriff was affected and thus was not re-elected as a Sheriff anymore. Also, he was charged in court with contempt during the Melendres Suit in years 2017. Luckily for him, he found favours with Trumps administration mainly because of his political experiences and was promised a presidential pardon.

However, Trump’s pardon on Arpaio has become a controversial debate in the country due to his known malpractices when in office. As more movement join hands to overcome abuse of power especially against the immigrants, it is possible that people might never support Arpaio’s agendas.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Sounds the Alarm on Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms have become quite a different place in 2018; some would argue that these changes are not for the better. As an emergency physician, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is uniquely qualified to speak on the issues he sees on a daily basis. Lately, one of the issues he’s encountered most is that many patients are turning to the ER for routine healthcare issues—problems that could easily be solved during a regular doctor’s appointment. This new phenomenon is causing a chain reaction as well; when patients do not see a regular doctor, they often don’t receive the high level of care that they could if they had a relationship with a general practitioner. Because the resources of emergency rooms are so often stretched these days, doctors and nurses are usually bouncing back and forth between cases as quickly as they can. Emergency rooms, for obvious reasons, were not designed for those suffering from ailments such as the common cold.

Dr. Forsthoefel has served as an outspoken advocate on this issue, pointing out that he realizes that there is a vast array of obstacles to healthcare these days. However, he has also seen how hard emergency room staffs have had to work in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the job. He believes that the situation has reached a boiling point, with many real emergency patients not receiving proper care because staffers have been overloaded with non-critical cases.

It’s crucial to note that Dr. Forsthoefel is far from the only physician voicing these opinions. Many emergency doctors across the state of Florida—and the country—have made it known that they are also concerned about the state of emergency room care. It was in 2015 that Blue Cross Anthem was forced to finally confront the issue; they no longer will pay for non-emergency trips to the ER that occur in Missouri and Georgia. After they address several bureaucratic issues, it is believed that they will do the same in Florida. In addition to Anthem, many other insurance companies are considering doing the same.

For emergency physicians like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, caring for emergency patients is easier and more efficient when beds are not taken up by those who are dealing with health problems that do not require an immediate response. Because patients have not been deterred by the more expensive co-pays often demanded as a result of these visits, it would seem that greater steps needed to be taken in order to ensure that emergency rooms are designated for the people who need them most. With physicians like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel starting to speak out about the situation, many ER staffers are hoping that the tide will start to turn very soon.

Gareth Henry and Investment opportunities

Brazil might be the right country to invest your money in 2014 according to one leading hedge fund organization in the world. Gareth Henry, a $63 billion executive of Fortress Investment Group, claims that with its election in just a few couples of weeks, Brazil has come up with the most remarkable trading opportunities in this year. Henry said this at the conference at Alpha Hedge West that took place on Monday in San Francisco.

If you view the equity market, both the interest rates the real have traded fantastically in this year, and this is likely to continue after the elections are done. Gareth Henry was echoing statements made by Mike Novogratz, an executive at Fortress in May. According to Novogratz, this bet is obvious. The probability of Dilma Rousseff winning the election is very minimal, and this could mean a potential new leadership. If that is the case, then Brazil will experience a significant rally regarding assets.

Gareth Henry also states that Scotland and Japan are also good countries to invest in this year. The most significant and paramount trades last year came from Japan. As Abenomics keep getting stronger and stronger, Japan will continue to experience good trades even this year. Abenomics are the government’s economic stimulus programs which are controlled by the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. On the other hand, the uproar over the latest independence vote that failed in Scotland created some excellent trading opportunities. Gareth Henry claims that initially, this was a non-event but later it turned out to have a considerable amount of uncertainty.

Novogratz states that investor pessimism on Brazil is very high at any time because it has been a hard place to make money. This typical view is allowing for assets to be relatively cheap. Novogratz says that the Brazilian economy will recover if President Rousseff losses this election because the other two candidates are more economically conservatives. He recommends buying long-term bonds, currency, and local equity. For the next 12 months, we should concentrate on what is taking place in the world concerning political and geopolitical change as Gareth Henry puts it.

There Are Two Types Of Betsy DeVos

Did you know that the Secretary of Education is a very complicated character? A lot of people only recognize her from her role in the Trump Administration, but she is a lot more complex than that. She does in fact have a job as the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, but it has been a long run up to get to the point where she is now.


She and her husband Dick DeVos worked hard in their Grand Rapids, Michigan hometown to create a city that they believed was better able to serve the people who live there. It is something that definitely makes a difference when you look at all that they accomplished over the years.


In those early days when her political influence was limited, Betsy DeVos made moves to resist the multi-sports complex that was proposed by the city. This was important because when the measure was ultimately defeated, DeVos felt for the first time the amount of power that she could personally have. She and her husband had worked so hard to defeat the measure, and then ended up successful. It was decided at this point that Betsy DeVos could have a lot more influence than just to work on some issues like the multi-sports complex.


DeVos pushed her way up the ladder to the point where she was the person nominated to be the Secretary of State for the Trump Administration. Her nomination was very controversial, and it led to a 50-50 vote in the United States Senate. This tie had to be broken by the Vice-President who voted in favor of the nomination of DeVos. It was the closest and most contentious votes in the history of the United States Senate. It was thus pretty closely watched by all of those who cared about the outcome of this particular vote.


Today, we all have Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education regardless of how we may feel about that fact. Surely there are some who are pleased with this development, but there are others who definitely wish that things had gone differently. All that we do know at this point is that DeVos is definitely going to push her agenda to get things changed through the Department of Education as quickly as possible. She going to continue to push and push for what she believes in until she is able to see the kind of results that she has been looking for.


We may not feel that we have seen a lot of this change at this point in time, but that is because she has done so much of the work behind the scenes. She has been highly effective at doing what she does though, and it has meant that she will likely continue to operate how she has up to this point.


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