How Dr. Mark Holterman is bringing first world medical care to Vietnam

Doctor Mark Holterman is more than just an accomplished pediatric surgeon based out of the United States, he is also a professor of surgery specializing in pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine as well as the CEO of Mariam Global Health. While he may have a very busy schedule, he still finds plenty of time to bring his knowledge and expertise to doctors southeast Asia.


Most recently he has supported efforts by the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (Dialdish). This organization provides resources to support much needed medical services overseas. From providing medical personnel to train locals, to Medical goods and supplies, the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam is one of the most successful and generous charities in the area.


This charity also offers an international scholar program, which provides medical professionals in Vietnam with the top of the line education in the United States. By providing the front line with the best medical education possible Dr. Mark Holterman is able to reach beyond his own individual ability to heal and touch the lives of others.


Standards for these programs are kept very high in order to ensure the best candidates possible. Scholars will spend up to months at a host Medical Institution either training in medical research or participate in the clinical examination of patients. Once they are done with their scholarship program they returned to Vietnam and speak in front of the supporters that made it all possible. This required presentation must cover their experience abroad as well as the methods they plan to use when they return home.


For those living in the United States that want to help the cause in Vietnam, there was an option for them as well. Volunteers, even those who are not full-fledged doctors are in great demand in Vietnam. The IPSAC-VN has volunteer positions all across a wide spectrum of medical skills. Her hand skills such as surgery and lecturing to basic patient care, there is always something that and you go volunteer can do to help.


It’s clear to see that not only does Dr. Mark Holterman do a lot at home he also does quite a bit overseas as well. It’s inspiring to us all to see such a busy man still find time for those a world away.

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Fighting Phantom Power Drains With Stream Energy Is Win-Win Combination

Believe it or not, there is a vampire lurking in your home right now. It’s not the supernatural monster that has a thirst for blood, but a kind of modern, high-tech creature that craves a steady meal of electricity.


Throughout every modern household, today are devices that are sometimes called “vampires” because they are creating a phantom drain of your energy usage – devices that suck electricity even when they are not in use.


It might be a coffee maker, your computer, a printer, a space heater that’s plugged in but not operating, a DVR machine – all of them are basically on standby and not fully switched off. If you see an indicator light glowing on any one of these devices while you are not using them, they are drawing electricity, and you’re paying for it.


It is estimated that if the average household unplugged all of their electronic devices while not in use it could knock as much as 30% off a total annual electric bill. Imagine in your annual usage is about $900. By cutting power to phantom devices, your bill would shrink to $600!


This is just one of the recommendation of experts with Stream Energy, a Dallas-based supplier of electricity since 2004 ( Stream Energy operates on a unique business model that leverages multi-level marketing techniques to sell affordable power in locations throughout the United States.


Stream Energy not only finds ways to make consumption of electrical power more affordable but it also provides an opportunity for anyone to become an associate and make money by selling to customers or recruiting new sales associates.

Working with Stream Energy and combing through your home to eliminate phantom sources of power is a marvelous way to dramatically reduce what you pay every month for basic electrical power. It’s good for the individual consumer while reducing the demand on the nation’s electrical grid is good for the country.


Stream Energy associates can be energy sellers and energy consumers at the same time, creating a win-win situation between the power company and power customer.

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Gregory Aziz Made National Steel Car A Better Company

Even when Gregory J Aziz was first starting with National Steel Car, he knew he could make the company better. When he bought National Steel Car, he was prepared for all the issues that would come from buying a failing business. He did his best to make things easier on himself, so he would have a chance to make things better on the business. He also knew he would need to make his company the best it could be, so he wouldn’t have to worry about all the issues that would come as a result of running the business. As things have continued to change for Gregory Aziz, he knew he would need to make things better on his own. Learn More.


Greg Aziz now has an extremely successful company. He knew the right way to run the business, so he took all the right steps toward success. He also knew things would get better as long as he was doing the right things with the company, so he made the right choices on his own. Out of everything Gregory Aziz has done with National Steel Car, perhaps making it a successful company has been the most influential.


The company continues to see more success and Gregory J Aziz knows he will have a chance to make the business better. He also knows he will do his best to keep growing the company. If Gregory James Aziz is going to make things better on his own, he is going to need to try different things on his own. He also knows there are going to be different opportunities he will have to be successful as long as he is doing things the right way. He wants his company to try their best at making things better on their own.


As long as National Steel Car is growing, Greg Aziz doesn’t see any need to keep adding different companies. National Steel Car has been successful in the time he has owned it so he knows it will continue to be even more successful in the future. Out of everything Greg Aziz has done, offering different options for people who need the steel car industry has been his greatest achievement. He wants to continue helping others get more from the situations they are in and from the capabilities they have on their own without any type of issues in the business they are a part of.

Gregory Aziz, The Philanthropist, And Business Guru

Gregory James Aziz heads of one of the main international contenders in railroad freight car manufacturing companies. He serves as the CEO, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car. The company specializes in the designing and production of railway freight car careers. National Steel Car is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. It has stood the test of time by producing products that exceed the ever-changing needs and standards of the railroad industry. The company still holds the reputation of leading railway freight car manufacturer in North America. See This Article.


Greg Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He studied at Ridley College and later joined Western Ontario University, where he majored in Economics. After completing his studies, he began working at a family-owned business, Affiliated Foods, back in 1971. He was able to nurture the business to become an international fresh foods importer. Affiliated Foods would source its fresh foods products from Europe and South America. They would later come and distribute this to wholesalers in Eastern Canada and America.


James Aziz also worked for several investment banks in New York between the late 1980s and early 1990s. These jobs helped him in purchasing National Steel Car in 1994. Aziz’s ambition was to transform National Steel Car from Canada’s best railroad freight company to North America’s best railroad freight company. Under the leadership and direction of Gregory J Aziz, the company has managed to increase their railroad car production from 3,500 cars per annum to 12,000 cars per annum. This also saw the company grow considerably from having around 600 employees to now having about 3,000.


Greg Aziz attributes the company’s success to the hard work the employees put in and the continued resilience towards customer satisfaction. Currently, National Steel Car is ISO 9001:2008 certified, they are the only railroad freight car manufacturers to have this certification in North America. They have held this honor for 18 years. Apart from ISO certification, National Steel Car has also received the TTX SECO award since 1996, this award is only given to the companies that produce the highest quality products.


National Steel Car is also well known for their continued support to the community of Hamilton. They are philanthropic sponsors of the Salvation Army, various local recreational facilities like the Hamilton Opera, among other local charities. The company also holds annual Christmas parties and has current and past employees in attendance together with their families.

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Doe Deere Is A Great Role Model For Young Entrpreneurs

There is no denying that Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of a popular and successful cosmetic company that reaches to an entirely new audience compared to other cosmetic brands. Doe Deere being born in Russia came over to the united states when she was 17 years old. Along with being the owner, founder, and CEO of her very own cosmetic company Doe Deere dreamed of being a musician when she was a little girl and could accomplish her dreams by being able to do so when she was 17 and moved to New York City. When she was just the age of 13 and still lived in Russia she had a business and sold temporary tattoos which were a novelty item at the time. Doe lived in New York city from 1998 until the year 2012. After living in New York city, she lived in Manhattan and after lived 9 years in Brooklyn. When Doe was 17 and she was a musician she was in a band. During that time of being in a band Deere met her soulmate/husband who is not only her biggest supporter but also her partner in crime due to the fact that they work very well together. Learn more:


Doe Deere’s advice to young women who are full of ambition is to follow their heart because she believes that every person has something unique and special about them. Doe believes when people tune in with their skills and unique talent they can reach their potential much easier and faster. People who do things or pursue jobs that don’t show their talent end up usually hating their jobs. Doe created lime crime originally for herself because she loved bright colored makeup but no companies made and sold bright colored makeup back in 2008 so she decided to make her own. After creating a product, she realized that there is a need for colorful makeup as a whole for everyone who is into cosmetics and wants to show their personality through their makeup. Due to other women being interested in Doe Deere’s makeup she decided that it would be a profitable company and that’s when Lime Crime was born. Deere says makeup gives her the ability to be herself and hopes it does the same thing for her customers. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s products reflect upon the way she does her hair and her makeup. Sense the beginning Deere has been known for her brightly colored hair. Lime Crime is not just any cosmetic company but they sell everything from colorful bright hair dyes called unicorn hair to makeup brushes to provide customers with an easy way to apply Lime Crime Hi-Lite palettes to them. If you are interested in becoming a successful woman entrepreneur take Doe Deere’s experience as a positive role model of how to succeed because she knows what she is doing when it comes to her cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime not only has highly pigmented colors but it is also vegan and cruelty-free makeup.


Roberto Santiago’s Impressive Retail Business and Social Legacy

Roberto Santiago, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil, was born and brought up in the city of Joao Pessoa. It, therefore, wasn’t a surprise when the businessman chose the place he grew up when picking where to build his state of the art shopping complex, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. To date, Roberto Santiago’s mall still stands as the largest and most iconic shopping and entertainment venue in the entire region. It is a place that offers shoppers and revelers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that they are sure to enjoy.


About The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

After Roberto Santiago, fresh from making a fortune from a cartonnage company that he founded to manufacture decorative cartons, decided to build a mall. After purchasing the land, he broke ground in 1987, with the mall opening its doors to the public two years later. Since its launching in 1989, the mall has been expanded five times, making it one of the biggest shopping complexes in the country. The mall boasts of a multitude of shopping and entertainment options to cater to all kinds of shoppers and is a must-see for visitors to Joao Pessoa.


Movies and Gaming

If you are a fan of movies, there are few better places to catch one. The mall has eleven movie theaters, with three of them, built in with state of the art 3D capabilities. Here, viewers can find the latest blockbusters as soon as they are released. For people who are fans of gaming, the mall provides more than 200 different kinds of electronic games to choose from. For those who need something more physically engaging, there are also bowling alleys available.


Food, Live Entertainment, and Events

One of the most terrific features of the mall is the Domus hall located on the rooftop. This large events venue has enough space to host 4,000 people seated, rising to 10,000 when standing. The hall opened its doors in 2009 and is designed to host events such as conferences, concerts, ceremonies and even weddings. There are individual cabins for private use as well as space on the ground floor for other large events. There are also several food courts hosting both fast food joints as well as gourmet restaurants. These offer visitors some of the best food that Paraiba has to offer in addition to a selection of international cuisine.


Effect on the Community

In just two decades, Roberto Santiago has been able to turn an average mall into one of Brazil’s most iconic shopping and entertainment venues. By constructing Domus Hall, he has enabled the city to hold large concerts, national ceremonies and international events which would otherwise have been impossible without the venue. This has greatly increased the social and economic profile of the region, showcased Brazilian culture and provided employment.


National Steel Car Prospers Under the Leadership of its CEO Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a force to reckon with in the entrepreneurial and business industry. He currently serves as the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car was established in 1912 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has successfully positioned itself as a leading railroad car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. In fact, National Steel Car is the only firm In North America to be ISO certified and has consistently been annually winning the TTX SECO award for the past ten years.


About Gregory Aziz


Gregory J. Aziz hails from Ontario and is among the few educated individuals in that region. Greg J. Aziz attended Ridley College and subsequently joined the University of Western Ontario to undertake an Economics major. After completing his studies, Greg Aziz kick-started his career at Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food company run by his family in 1971. During his time there, the company experienced high growth levels and became the leading importer of fresh foods worldwide. In addition, Affiliated Foods became a leading distributor to several fresh food wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. Read This Article to learn more.


Apart from working at his family enterprise, Gregory Aziz has held several positions in investment banks in the New York. Through this vast experience in investment banking, Mr. Aziz successfully acquired National Steel Car in 1994. Since then his primary goal has been to transition the company into a successful and well-reputed Canadian firm in the railroad freight car manufacturing industry in North America. As a result, Greg Aziz has increased the manufacturing capacity of National Steel Car from only 3500 to 12000 cars. Within that same period, the employment rate at National Steel Car also increased from 600 to roughly 3000. These growth levels have been achieved by Greg’s emphasis on maximizing on the company’s strong team building and manufacturing capabilities via capital and human investments.

Under the Leadership of Greg James Aziz, the National Steel Car has achieved manufacturing and engineering excellence. As the only ISO 9001 certified company in its industry, the National Steel Car is highly committed to the Hamilton society. The company finances and sponsors various charitable events like the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, and the Hamilton Opera. Greg Aziz and his wife are also sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is considered as Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair.

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Alexandre Gama Leading Advertising Professional in Brazil

     Neogama is a leading advertising firm in the Brazilian Advertising scene that is being headed by someone who is considered a veteran in the marketing and advertising fraternity of Brazil, Alexandre Gama. He founded Neogama with the aim to provide high-end and innovative marketing, advertising, and branding services to the corporate sector of the country. It was established in the year 1999 by Alexandre Gama, and the company has grown manifolds since its inception. Other than providing a broad range of advertising services to the national companies, there are many international accounts handled by Neogama as well.

With over twenty years of experience in the advertising industry, Alexandre Gama has indeed found admirers in the industry. Over the years, he has worked for many of the multi-national corporations and has won more than twenty awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Alexandre Gama has also won the prestigious Cabore Award of Entrepreneur and was named by the popular newspaper in Brazil, Meio, and Mesagem, as the top influencer in the marketing and communications sector.

Alexandre Gama has worked with many of the leading advertising firms during his initial years, such as DM9 and Standard Ogilvy. Working with some of the leading advertising firms helped him stay motivated and gather knowledge about the industry firsthand. He has studied marketing from one of the top educational institutions in Brazil, Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. Under the leadership of Alexandre Gama, Neogama has been growing steadily over the years and is known for its out-of-the-box and unique marketing and advertising solutions.

Orange Coast College: Focusing on education quality

Recap of the article: $1 million donations for Planetarium

A former professor at the Orange Coast College donated $1 million for the construction of the new planetarium. With a target of $20 million to get the new facility, the professor made her donation with the belief that it was the right thing to do have developed a deep interest in the development of the school. According to Professor Mary McChesney, the school planetarium is a good development which will not only support the students, but it will also lend its services to the entire community. Currently, the Orange Coast College has received $2.6 million from donations to serve their purpose. Of this amount, $1 million came from the 93 years old former professor of the institution. Professor Mary McChesney is interested in purchasing a Foucault pendulum for the school which will be instrumental in the practical demonstration of how the earth rotates. The project will be one of its kind, and the equipment has to possess the latest technology for the benefits of the students and the society as a whole.


The services offered by Orange Coast College

Currently, the college has more than 135 different courses to be undertaken. All the courses that are offered by the college are accredited by the Western Association of Schools. The institution has the highest population in the student base. There are several community colleges, but the Orange Coast College produces the largest number of its students to the best universities in California. Considering the ranking system used in the case of Orange County, the college is ranked the first because of its offered services and the quality of education. One basis of ranking is the number of students that the Orange Community Colleges takes to California University and the California State University.


The foundation and operation of the Institution

Founded in 1947, the first class in the Orange Coast College was opened in 1948. The College focused on lower division degrees where after completion; the students can relocate to the major University like the California State University. The college focuses on both science and art. The quality of education is currently on the rise, and its popularity and preference have improved its operations.


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Dick and Betsy Family Foundation is Changing Lives

Betsy DeVos is considered to be one of the most influential women in the United States, and she is married into one of the wealthiest families in the country. Her Husband, Dick DeVos is also an influential figure who has accomplished a lot since in the recent past.


Just recently, Betsy was nominated for the prestigious position of secretary of education. However, before she could get confirmation to the position, the public wanted to know her philanthropic activities in the recent times. Betsy and her husband had to show the world how much they have been giving to various charity causes in the country. According to a report from the popular couple, the family has spent more than one hundred and thirty-nine million dollars in different causes through their foundation.


A report from the family has also indicated that the couple has successfully awarded grants amounting to more than twelve million dollars in the year 2015. This amount was higher, compared to the ten million issued in the previous year. The Dick and Betsey Family Foundation is currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the country.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation mostly focuses on issuing grants, especially on the educational causes. The couple says that the foundation awarded 26% of its total donations were given to education causes in the year 2015. This amount was very high compared to what the institution has been offering since it was established. The foundation has been supporting school vouchers in the recent times to help educate many young individuals. The family foundation has also played a fundamental role in the foundation of the popular Great Lakes Education Project. The advocacy institution has done quite well, and it has an active political action committee.


Richard DeVos is Dick’s father, and he is also the founder of Amway, one of the most successful companies in the United States. The family business has been doing very well, and it has given the family an upper hand in the financial system. Dick and his brothers have had an opportunity to work in the organization, and they have all taken it to greater heights.


When Dick DeVos was appointed to work as the president of the international company, the institution did very well, getting huge profits and sales. The global institution registered a huge growth, especially in the domestic and international activities. According to the company portfolio, Amway opened more branches in different countries. The money acquired from the company has helped many people acquire education. Most of the beneficiaries are individuals who come from low-income families. The Dick and Betsey Family Foundation wishes to make more changes in the lives of many young people in the future.