Who is Equities First Holdings?

You will find Equities First Holdings is a unique lending institution Are you having problems securing a conventional loan for your business or personal use through a traditional lending institution? Equities First lends by taking stock owned as collateral instead of verifying your credit score and then proceeding to attach liens on everything you own. Stock loans are not new to the business lending world, but their approach is different. You can trust Equities First will not sell your stock without notice which has been the practice of other stock secured lending companies. Your interest rates will be fixed at a favorable rate for the term of the loan and loan to value ratio is typically 50 to 75 percent of the stock used as collateral. This holding company based in Indianapolis, Indiana has been competing in the international market since opening its first offices abroad in London back in 2013.

Stream Energy Shows Continued Community Involvement With New Foundation

Stream Energy has shown customers time and again that they are a progressive, forward thinking company. Anyone can work for Stream as an Independent Contractor, selling energy services, phone plans, security systems, and a virtual doctor service that brings a board certified doctor to someone’s home via their mobile device. But, the best service that Stream Energy and it’s staff offer is community involvement. Stream’s small army of Independent Contractors all volunteer their time to worthwhile charitable pursuits.

Recently, Stream Energy has created a place for everybody’s philanthropic interests to come together:Stream Cares. Stream has proven that all of the staff really do care. When 56 inches of rain hit Houston during Hurricane Harvey, Stream staff were among the first to mobilze charity efforts to help residents get back on their feet and lend a hand to rebuild local communities. Stream Cares has built long standing partnerships with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Stream Cares also works closely with the Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is a real concern in Dallas, Texas where Hope Supply Co. is based. The two organizations come together often to help Dallas children with clothing, diapers, and school supplies needed to be successful during their school year. Recently, this pairing paid for over 1000 children from the North Texas area to attend a waterpark over the summer. Many of Stream Energy’s staff were present as mentors.

Stream Cares also worked with Military Veterans through Operation Once In A Lifetime, offering transportation, a holiday meal, and a special shopping day for the Veterans’ daughters at the American Girl store. Stream Energy and Stream Cares strive to change the face of corporate America by showing how successful companies can be when they give back. To read more about Stream Cares, please click here.